Tina Laurelli





“Ben provided me with strategic and sound marketing advice to assist me with all aspects of my author life. He went above and beyond by offering advice outside of sessions with my website tweaks, social media bio, blurbs, automated newsletters, and marketing copy.

He also offered a dynamic presentation which clarified marketing strategies  I highly recommend his work.” – Lucy Appadoo, Author

“Catherine really came through for me on my last book. I had a short timeline and limited budget, and I was blown away by the quality and speed she delivered. Her proofreading/editing is really detailed, with professional service delivered on an amazing timeline, especially when you consider how low her rates are. Will absolutely be scheduling her for future books, and I’ve been eyeing the beta reading service with great interest as well. Highly recommended.” – K. A. Wiggins, Author

“Catherine recently read and critiqued a novel that I’ve been struggling to get right. Her suggestions covered every aspect of the story, from grammar and syntax to character development and pacing. She is knowledgeable and perceptive with a firm grasp on story structure. Her help was invaluable. I highly recommend her for beta reads and other editorial services.” – Alex Austin, Author

“Hi everyone, I want to leave a recommendation for Catherine Milos. She beta-read my novel and did a wonderful job! I would ask her to beta-read again in a heartbeat. Thank you, Catherine.” – K.A. Yodock, Author

“Catherine has a quick turnaround time and provided great critique as an alpha reader for my manuscript. She had a detailed outline that is very helpful and addresses big picture aspects, such as character development, plot credibility, pacing, and structure. I recommend!” – Gail, Author

“Catherine Milos is the editor of my forthcoming book and she’s been a godsend. Highly recommend her services.” – Eldon Farrell, Author

“It’s impressive that [Catherine and her team] (a) devote so many hours to each beta read and (b) get so much feedback written in such a short time. In my opinion, one of the surest ways for a writer to ensure that his/her novel meets — and exceeds — readers’ expectations is to hire skilled beta readers. And two of the best beta readers out there are Nicole and Catherine. Both of them made very useful suggestions about the plot, characters, and other aspects of my science-fiction novel. Nicole did an excellent job of reading the MS with close attention and spotted several errors that would have been embarrassing for me if they had appeared in print. As for Catherine, she not only identified numerous logical/factual errors but also provided in-depth feedback on the scientific aspects and assumptions used in the novel. As a result of her efforts, my novel is much less likely to have obvious scientific or logical flaws. I’m deeply impressed by her knowledge, thoroughness, and dedication.” – Chandra Shekhar, Author